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I help founders and leaders of emerging and established software companies solve pressing challenges and elevate upside in these areas:

  • Creating profitable sales and distribution channels
  • New customer acquisition and revenue generation
  • Business development and partnership formation
  • Business model design and transformation
  • Revenue and pricing models

With over 23 years of experience and $300 million in revenue contributions, I’ve built digital media and software startups from scratch, accelerated growth-stage tech companies with game-changing deals & partnerships and made my mark at industry giants like Microsoft.

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How I Help

Creating Profitable Sales Growth

I’ve built teams and distribution channels that have produced hundreds of millions in revenue for companies ranging from boot-strapped startups to Microsoft. I’ll help you get clear on sales strategy, channels to market, distribution and how to enable and motivate sellers to succeed. I’ll also teach your team how to sell better by selling with you.

Building Successful Strategic Partnerships

I’ve negotiated, structured, operated and wound-down over 100 different strategic partnerships, as well as built and led teams that have operated hundreds. I’ll help you identify, craft and close partnerships that optimize for your market position, strengths, revenue and margin goals.

Business Model Design & Transformation

I’ve taken master classes with Alexander Osterwalder, creator of the Business Model Canvas, been engaged by Microsoft to transform key partners to cloud and led over 50 early- and growth-stage companies through business model design and transformation. I’ll help you uncover hidden assumptions and risks, optimize your business model for growth and profit and identify key next steps to put the model into action.

What Others Say

“Shawn brings great experience, wide-ranging knowledge and deep expertise to the table. He was able to quickly understand our existing strategy, market position and operations, then fine tune and adjust to great effect – driving great results.” —Iain Catling, Co-founder, AudioSalad

“Shawn is by far one of the smartest and savviest people I know. He is equally adept in conventional and unconventional business environments. I have learned much from his expertise and experience. Shawn is a master magician at getting things moving in the right direction with focus and clarity. He is a leader. But unlike some leaders, he also inspires. And he does so by example.” —Charles Alexander, Co-founder, Streaming Promotions

“Shawn struck a balance between encouraging progress and challenging blind assumptions. He is an extremely knowledgeable individual in the arenas of brand messaging, business development and alliances, and I recommend his services wholeheartedly.” —Stephen Davis, CEO, Ear.IQ

“Shawn found bottlenecks in our processes and continually helps us shift focus on the steps and path to execution that equate to acquisition and revenue. His advice has been not only beneficial to myself as CEO, but also to my entire team as a voice of levity, encouragement, and execution.” —Michael Amburgey, CEO, KaraoQ

“Shawn is a grand master of channel marketing and sales. He is impeccable in all the areas that matter — the quality of his work, his relationship building, his professionalism, and his timeliness. Even more, he is a genuinely nice guy and a pleasure to work with. I have recommended him many times since we first worked together.” —Axle Davids, Founder, Distility

“Shawn Yeager understands how strategic partnerships can and should work, and his ability to ask the right questions makes him such a great consultant. I would recommend Shawn to anyone pursuing strategic relationships with other companies.” —David Frederiksen, CEO, PatientFocus

“I have worked with Shawn in a variety of capacities over the years. As a client, an associate and a fellow board director, Shawn has demonstrated a business acumen and professionalism which is second to none. His combined expertise in partnering, alliances, channel ecosystems, technology, software and organization structures are rare and valuable assets to early stage startups and major corporations.” —Brian Deck, Founder & CEO, Smooth Commerce

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, get in touch.

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