Stop guessing. Start growing.

I help startup founders and industry innovators build business models, products, and partnerships that thrive in music and digital media.

That empower more creators.
Delight more fans.
And make more money.

The future of music is bold and bright.

It’s also… complicated.

You have a killer product idea, but don’t know if it’s workable – or legal?

Or users love your app, but you’re struggling to find the right business model.

You’ve been trying to reach the head of label marketing for weeks. Three emails and two voicemails later, nothing.


Or you’re too busy running the business to figure out fundraising.

But it’s gotta happen.

What about that enterprise data play? How do you package and price it?

Artist management wants 5% equity and a full page of terms before they’ll move ahead.

What should you do?

“Shawn brings great experience, wide-ranging knowledge and deep expertise to the table. He was able to quickly understand our existing strategy, market position and operations, then fine tune and adjust to drive tremendous results.”
Iain Catling, Co-founder, AudioSalad

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