What I'm Focused on Now

Updated January 13, 2023

Themes: Bitcoin, markets, monetary policy & history, resiliency, censorship-resistance


  • Expanding access to the network and asset by helping others build on Bitcoin as an advisor to startups in Lightning, social commerce, and media
  • Investing more time and energy in the growing Nashville Bitcoin community as part of Bitcoin Park
  • Preparing my family for an uncertain year ahead and bracing for impact as the US runs headlong into recession


  • Multiple facets of Bitcoin mining, including hardware design, power grids and markets, and economics
  • The emerging nostr protocol and application ecosystem as an alternative to centralized social media and messaging
  • The history of monetary policy and central banking


I keep a handful of books on the go—a few non-fiction and a sci-fi selection for nighttime reading, when my infant toddler permits.


My podcast selection is Bitcoin-heavy, mixed with macro economic trends and privacy, and delivered via the Lightning-powered Fountain app. And always new music.

Inspired by Derek Sivers’ now page project

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