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I work closely with a small handful of founders and leaders in software, music tech, and digital media to deliver breakthroughs in business model design, strategic communications, business development, and revenue growth.

With over 20 years of experience and $300 million in revenue contributions, I apply the lessons I’ve learned building and growing software and digital media startups from scratch, leading and accelerating growth-stage tech companies with game-changing deals and partnerships, and making my mark at industry giants like Microsoft and Accenture.

How I Help

Based on need and fit, I engage as a coach, a strategic advisor, or an on-the-ground operator. I ask tough, important questions. I help you find the answers. Together, we turn them into powerful results in four, key areas.

Business Model Design

Innovation starts here. We’ll design – or transform – your business, revenue and pricing models for growth, competitive strength, and durability against the future. We’ll uncover and address hidden assumptions, blind spots, and risks, and then put your models into play.

Messages that Moves

Compelling communication is essential. The perspective required to create it can be hard to find. We’ll craft elegant, effective messages that drive the actions and outcomes you need from customers, partners and stakeholders, from raising capital to closing deals.

Strategic Partnerships

If you want to go further, go together. We’ll design and develop partnerships that compliment or complete your products, create distribution to reach the markets and customers you need, and optimize for your strengths, strategic objectives, and revenue goals.

Sustainable Revenue Growth

To get, keep, and grow more customers and revenue with new or existing products, we’ll develop the strategy, goals, metrics, channels, and go-to-market plan you need to succeed. Then we’ll put them to work, and evolve as we learn.

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“Shawn brings great experience, wide-ranging knowledge and deep expertise to the table. He was able to quickly understand our existing strategy, market position and operations, then fine tune and adjust to great effect – driving great results.”
Iain Catling, Co-founder, AudioSalad

“I highly recommend Shawn for forging partnerships with big brands. His tangible, actionable insight was directly useful for our short-term as well as our broader, long-term goals. His guidance was backed up by his personal experience and knowledge about business development, and gave us valuable direction that we had not considered.”
Aytekin Tank, Founder, JotForm

“Shawn struck a balance between encouraging progress and challenging blind assumptions. He is extremely knowledgeable in the arenas of brand messaging, business development and alliances, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.”
Stephen Davis, CEO, Ear.IQ

“Shawn found bottlenecks in our processes and helped us shift focus to steps that equate to acquisition and revenue. His advice has been beneficial not only to me as CEO, but to my entire team as a voice of levity, encouragement, and execution.”
Michael Amburgey, CEO, KaraoQ

“Shawn is a grand master of channel marketing and sales. He is impeccable in the quality of his work, his relationship building, his professionalism, and his timeliness. Even more, he is a pleasure to work with.”
Axle Davids, Founder, Distility

“Shawn understands how strategic partnerships can and should work, and his ability to ask the right questions makes him such a great consultant. I would recommend Shawn to anyone pursuing strategic relationships with other companies.”
David Frederiksen, CEO, PatientFocus

“I have worked with Shawn as a client, an associate and a fellow board director. He has demonstrated a business acumen and professionalism which is second to none. His combined expertise in partnering, channels, software and organization structures are rare and valuable assets to early stage startups and major corporations.”
Brian Deck, Founder & CEO, Smooth Commerce

“Shawn is by far one of the smartest and savviest people I know. He is equally adept in conventional and unconventional business environments. Shawn is a master magician at getting things moving in the right direction with focus and clarity. He is a leader.”
Charles Alexander, Founder, Systemic

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