Know Your Ecosytem

As many learn only after a great deal of lost time and opportunity, business development is a process, not a point-in-time tactic. Applying this process effectively means continually scanning market, customer and competitive landscapes for new opportunities and threats. An ecosystem map helps identify potential partners that can grow your business and strengthen your position against competitors.

The End of the Independent Software Vendor

From enterprise software to mobile devices, rarely, if ever, does one company deliver the whole product.

The evolution of computing, and specifically software, as an industry can be seen as having moved through three major phases: first, a period dominated by industry giants like IBM, Honeywell and Burroughs, providing fully-integrated products to fully captive customers; second, the personal computer revolution of the 1980s, a time when discreet layers, or stacks, of hardware and software emerged, available from different vendors, yet tightly coupled to create end products; and third and presently, the emergence of technology ecosystems, like those of Apple, LAMP or Microsoft — entire communities and constellations from which customers acquire solutions, in part or in whole, locally or in the cloud.

5 Keys to Better Biz Dev

Business development is often said to be equal parts art and science, but that view can be used as cover for poor process and the unpredictable outcomes that result. It’s true that biz dev require flexibility and creativity, but planning and process are crucial to increasing the likelihood of success.